Prison Island

This half day excursion is perfect for someone who wants to get off the beach and get a little more action! Join us as we sail to Prison Island, also known as Changuu and Quarantine Island. There, you will find a conservation area dedicated to the endangered Aldabra Tortoises.

While there are babies and juveniles, some tortoises are up to 180 years old! After admiring our large, reptile friends, take a tour of the historical prison, once used to house rebellious slaves, and later used as a quarantine, sheltering the island from such epidemics as yellow fever.

Getting a little hot? Why not go for a snorkel in the crystal clear waters that surround the island, or go for a swim and relax on the white sands? On the sail back, we’ll indulge in some tropical fruits, hoping to leave you with an extra sweet memory of your day.

Offered Daily, from 9:30-12:30, or 13:30-16:30